Best Beaches To Visit In Adelaide 2024

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Having around 18 miles of scenic coastline allows Adelaide to present itself as a spectacular city with stunning beaches to offer. It won’t take much of your time to explore all the beach options that are filled with crystal-clear waters, windy surf areas, and mellow sand. Plus, your furry friend can also assist you and your family at some of these dazzling beaches to make some wonderful memories with you.

As a visitor exploring the cosmopolitan coastal capital of South Australia, i.e., Adelaide, you will surely enjoy a beach day as an ideal vacation scenario for yourself. Enjoy getting tanned while crafting some sand castles, and see them getting wrecked by the splashes of water. As quoted by many born-and-bred Adelaideans, throwing in some sunscreen and packing your swimwear will totally be worth the experience if you go to the beaches of Adelaide.

Take in the quintessential Australian experience by exploring any of the below-given beaches that are some of the best ones in the city of Adelaide.

1. Glenelg Beach

Glenelg Beach

To see exactly what it feels like to grab an ideal beach view, come to Glenelg Beach. Engage yourself in activities such as swimming and playing sports, or just relax to soak up the sun. This long and sandy shore is quite famous among families as being near the Beach House amusement park. For those looking for some adventure as well as relaxation, this is the go-to option you need to choose for sure.

Here, you can also do snorkelling and scuba diving. Due to its laid-back vibes, this place is also referred to as “The Bay.” This, being one of the oldest beaches in South Australia, offers a lot of shops as well, from which one can easily grab some stuff for themselves. If you are a foodie, this place will be great for you, as there are a lot of restaurants serving palatable food. If you get lucky, you might even spot some dolphins playing in the water.

Name Glenelg Beach
Address S Esplanade, Glenelg SA 5045, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Facilities Bar | Cafe | Coach Parking | Food and Refreshments | Kiosk | Lawn / Gardens | Picnic Area | Public Telephone
Distance From Adelaide 11.1 Km
How To Reach By Car: If you go via Anzac Hwy, it will take you around 20 mins to reach Glenelg Beach.
By Bus: You can take the bus line numbers 167, 265, 265W, or J2G.
By Light Rail: Go through Festival Plaza to reach Glenelg Beach.
Best Months To Visit October to April
Google Review: “Very nice and happening place. It has beautiful esplanade. Some of the excellent cafes are located on beach front at just right places. Worth visiting more than once.” – Basantkumar B Pande

2. Semaphore Beach

Known for its historic importance along with having a lively strip as well as a foreshore attraction, comes Semaphore Beach. For those who love to walk over long distances, this place is a must-go, as it’s quite broad in shape and is covered by many sand dunes as well. It’s the most visited beach in the months of summer, as families from all over Australia come to this historic hub.

This place captures the presence of many visitors because it is near various Adelaide-based attractions like the Port Adelaide Lighthouse, the Maritime Museum, and the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary as well. For beach enthusiasts, its grassy picnic spots fused with its sandy coastline make it a must to visit the beach for all. It also hosts a number of pubs nearby where one can go and enjoy themselves and see what exactly Adelaide nightlife feels like.

Name Semaphore Beach
Address Semaphore SA 5019, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Facilities Barbeque | Cafe | Food and Refreshments | Kiosk | Picnic Area | Shop
Distance From Adelaide 21.7 Km
How To Reach By Car: By going through the Port Rd, you will reach here in around 29 mins.
By Bus: Use the bus line number 157 to reach this beach.
By Train: Take the train that will go via Outer Harbor.
Best Months To Visit December to March
Google Review: “Great beach for families. There are kids playgrounds, cafe, ice cream shops, mini train and areas for picnic. We normally come here to grab fish and chips to eat whilst sitting on the grass. Everything is easily accessible, with plenty of parking.” – Maya

3. Largs Bay Beach

Thanks to the long sweeps of sand, Largs Bay Beach is a great option for many day trippers to experience a beach day. This roughly four-mile stretch allows all visitors to take a boisterous coastal walk after coming here. Its picturesque jetty is also quite famous, making it a drawcard for families as well. A lot of fishing enthusiasts also come here, as it is a sought-after location for them. 

The waves and current of the water in here aren’t very reckless, and thus this beach is a child-friendly one. This appealing seaside gem offers a wide range of experiences to all of its visitors. Alongside it, one might also find the Largs Bay playground, where they can get their kids busy for some momentary hours. You can also visit the Largs Pier Hotel, which carries 140 years of pure heritage.

Name Largs Bay Beach
Address Largs Bay SA 5016, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Facilities Drinking Taps & Fountain | BBQ & Picnic Facilities | Coastal Park & Playground | Parking Space | Shelters | Picnic Tables | Boat Ramp
Distance From Adelaide 22.6 Km
How To Reach By Car: Make your way Grote St., Henley Beach Rd., M2 and Port River Expy/A9 to Jetty Rd., to reach your destination at Largs Bay Beach. Doing so will take around 28 mins of yours.
By Bus: Avail the bus service and take the bus number 150B, 157 to reach here.
By Train: The train will go via Outer Harbor.
Best Months To Visit January And May
Google Review: “Amazing views of the seas and nature, clean and tidy. It’s such a beautiful place to be. Good place for a swim and cool down during summer.” – JM “HighwaterTrouser87” Asmolo

4. Moana Beach

Visit Moana Beach with your dog, as it’s a dog-friendly beach. Due to that very reason, it’s a well-regarded place among a number of Australian families. Your kids will thank you later, as they will get a wonderful opportunity to swim as well as do other water sports activities. To capture some great moments for yourself, take your car with you to the shore for just $6.

There are a number of activities that you can take part in, such as totem tennis, boogie board, beach cricket, beach ball, board surfing, building sandcastles, and even playing with your furry friend. The sand here is quite firm, which makes it easier for people to build their fantasy castles with ease. One of its main attractions, i.e., the clear water, attracts a lot of surfers, swimmers, and people looking to run, cycle, or stroll through this beach’s long coastal paths.

Name Moana Beach
Address 404 Esplanade, Moana SA 5169, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Facilities Dog Friendly | Barbeque | Communal Shower
Distance From Adelaide 37.5 Km
How To Reach By Car: Start via Grote St, Anzac Hwy and South Rd/A2 to enter M2, then continue your journey the main road to reach your destination in Moana beach.
By Bus: Use the bus numbers 745A, 747A, 750A, 750B to reach this beach.
By Train: The train will go via Seaford.
Best Months To Visit December to February
Google Review: “Such a beautiful, pristine beach you can drive your car on. The water is so clear. Great place to share some good quality time with family and friends on a warm summer’s day 🏖️😎😁” – Roland Vanstone

5. Seacliff Beach

Seacliff Beach

Having scenic coastal walking drives and being well-equipped with barbeques, playgrounds, and picnic areas makes Seacliff Beach an amazing option worth visiting for all sorts of families. With time, this place has turned out to be one of the most popular destinations to go on weekends. This beach really has a relaxed, neighbourhood vibe worth experiencing for all age groups.

Making it more captivating comes the Seacliff Beach Hotel, which is renowned for the best sunset views it offers to all visitors. Go there and let the rays of the sun bewitch you while you enjoy sipping beers, wine, or ice cream. Your younger one can swiftly splash in the water of this beach that’s patrolled. While keeping in mind the safety instructions, you can easily go playing in the high tide section present there.

Name Seacliff Beach
Address Esplanade, Seacliff SA 5049, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Facilities BBQ facilities | Playgrounds | Public toilets
Distance From Adelaide 17.2 Km
How To Reach By Car: Start via Grote St and head over to the West Terrace. Then take Anzac Hwy, South Rd/A2, M2 and Main S Rd/A13 to enter Seacombe Road. Then enter Brighton Rd/A15 and keep on following Wheatland St. to enter Esplanade from where you will finally reach Seacliff. Doing so will cost you around 24 mins or so.
By Bus: Make use of the bus service 720H, 734 to reach your destination.
By Train: You will go through the Seaford route.
Best Months To Visit December to March
Google Review: “One of the most beautiful beaches in Adelaide. I went here on very sunny day and it was full of yachts. People are coming here for kayaking too. There is a life saving club and they provide training for kids to make nippers. There’s enough car parking which gets full quickly though.” – Hans Shanaka

6. Grange Beach

Grange Beach

For those looking to spend some time with their loved ones while remaining involved in activities such as swimming and fishing, Grange Beach is an ideal option. The lovely jetty, peaceful vibes, and the clear sea—all of them are demanding their share of attention from your end. Being easily accessible from the Adelaide CBD, families love coming here with their kids, as they can make their own sandcastles. The shallow waves of this beach, which are calm in nature, are truly admirable for every visitor.

Many visitors come here looking for a tranquil environment away from the busy city life. Despite being one of the quietest beaches, one can find a lot of shade on this beach, making it worth visiting without fearing sunburn. Due to the calm water, it’s one of the most popular spots for beginner and nervous swimmers. 

Name Grange Beach
Address Grange SA 5022, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Facilities Free parking space | Waterfront café | Picnic tables | Barbecues | Children's Playground
Distance From Adelaide 13 Km
How To Reach By Car: First take the Port Rd and enter the Grange Rd to Terminus St in Grange. Continue your way on Terminus St. Drive to Esplanade to reach Grange beach.
By Bus: Avail the bus number H30 to reach the Grange Beach.
By Train: This way you will be going through the Grange route to reach this beach.
Best Months To Visit December to March
Google Review: “Nice and clean beach with amazing view particularly during sunset. Nice restaurants around, along with heaps of parking lot.” – Pejman Babaei

7. Henley Beach

Henley Beach

Another popular option, just like Glenelg Beach, is Henley Beach. Surrounded by a number of well-known cafes and restaurants, it is an excellent option for all those who want to spend a bit more time away from home indulging in some fun. The water here is quite gentle, making it perfect for swimming. The picturesque jetty it has is worth paying a visit to and admiring. Being an exotic location offering a serene atmosphere to all, this needs to be on your bucket list.

The laid-back coastal vibe that this beach has to offer, combined with its flourishing food scene, makes it even more interesting and worth visiting. You can also enjoy walking after coming here into nature. Come with your partner to spend some time in solitude while appreciating its surroundings to make it a lifelong memory.

Name Henley Beach
Address South Australia 5022, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Facilities Bathroom | Changing places | Parking | Beach matting
Distance From Adelaide 11.3 Km
How To Reach By Car: Begin with Grote St to enter Sir Donald Bradman Dr/A6. From there go to Fulham gardens. Then head over to Cheadle St. and take North St. to Marlborough St. to reach Henley Beach.
By Bus: Use the bus line number 287, H30 to reach this beach from Adelaide.
By Train: It’ll go from the Grange route.
Best Months To Visit December to March
Tripadvisor Review: “Great spot to take a walk and enjoy the beach views.” – Pedro_Collins68e

Wrapping Up

Plan your trip to any of the best beaches in Adelaide and escape the hustle and bustle of your daily chores. Spend some quality time with Mother Nature and see your nerves being relaxed at the seashore while capturing some scenic beauty with your eyes. The calm and composed waves and current of the water are absolutely clean for swimming. So, without any further ado, pack your bags and leave your home to carve some life-long memories for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

The list is long, but the best ones include Glenelg Beach, Henley Beach, Moana Beach, Semaphore Beach, and more.

The best time to visit the beaches would be from October to March, as the average temperature during these months ranges from 24 °C to 14 °C.The best time to visit the beaches would be from October to March, as the average temperature during these months ranges from 24 °C to 14 °C.

The city of Adelaide has warm, dry summers and mild winters. The general maximum temperature in summer is around 29°C (84.2°F), and in winter it is around 15–16°C (59–60.8°F).

Yes, many beaches in Adelaide are great for swimming. The best one for it is Henley Beach, as it has a very gentle surf that is great for even beginners.

The city of Adelaide is also referred to as the 20-minute city because almost everything from here is available just 20 minutes away from the city centre itself. This includes the beaches as well.

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