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Residing on the shores of Corio Bay in Australia comes the remarkable city of Geelong. Along with its rich culture, delicious foods, and breathtaking scenery, this coastal city is quite renowned for the number of phenomenal beaches that it entails. These beaches offer several activities and attractions for people of all ages. Every year, a huge number of tourists come to enjoy its famous beaches with their sandy shores, fresh ocean breeze, amazing views, and crystal-clear waters. This place is a paradise for people who love to go to the beach.

All the sandy beaches in this city are full of fresh air, and there is plenty of seaside wilderness as well. From the convenient and slow beach strolls, surfing in the big waves, swimming in the pristine water, and snorkelling across the shore, to just soaking in the sun while relaxing at the beach, the number of adventures is endless. Getting involved in either of these activities will help you take some time off from your tired and boring life. From family-friendly options to those with calm water and amazing cliff views, the list of the best beaches in Geelong is very vast.

Make sure to add visiting these beaches to your to-do list so that you won’t regret missing out on the fun later. So pack your towel, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and other necessary beach items to enjoy the beauty of Geelong’s beaches in the truest sense.

1. Eastern Beach

Eastern Beach

Located on the shores of Corio Bay, Geelong, Victoria, comes the Eastern Beach. This beautiful beach was built in the 1930s and is known to be the favourite place to visit by locals and tourists. The eastern beach is also known as the ‘people’s playground’. It is a white-sand beach that has a huge swimming area. One of the best things about this beach is that a person can swim without any sort of danger, as the place is surrounded by shark-proof barriers.

Other benefits of this beach are that there are floating islands in the waters, and lifeguards are present on duty to have a lookout in case of any emergency. For the little ones to have fun, there is a swimming area specifically built for them. It is one of the best family-friendly beaches in Victoria. Visiting the beach with your friends and family will be a great idea. You can either have some quiet and relaxing time or you can have fun and entertaining time with your loved ones. So make sure you check out this place when you visit Geelong.

Name Eastern Beach
Address Victoria, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Distance From Geelong 1.0 km
Nearby Attractions Giant Sky Wheel | Geelong Waterfront
Facilities Lifeguards | Helicopter rides
Google Review: “A beautiful beach that represents Geelong. The Ferris wheel, promenade deck, grassy hills, Corio Bay, and palm trees all contribute to a scenic location.” – Lachlan Salter

2. Rippleside Beach Geelong

Rippleside Beach Geelong

Another on our list is Rippleside Beach, which is located in front of the Rippleside Park Adventure Playground. This is an amazing option to visit, especially if you are looking to have some peace and quiet time away from the crowds. Being a small beach with calm waters, a person will have no trouble swimming here. It also has a little jetty and a floating marina where you and your loved ones can sit and spend some time together. There is also a nice walking track where you can go for a long walk with your friends and family.

While you are walking, you will come across some of the popular Geelong Bollards, where you can click some pictures or take some selfies to make the journey memorable. Other than these things, there are wide open spaces where kids can play and do a lot of fun activities, like building a sand castle. Families can have a picnic and enjoy a barbeque on the beach. Being filled with a number of fun activities to do, combined with parks and cafes close by, makes this place worth a visit.

Name Rippleside Beach
Address Rippleside VIC, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Distance From Geelong 3.5 km
Nearby Attractions Steampacket Gardens | Korean War Memorial | Rippleside Park Adventure Playground
Facilities Bathroom access | Barbeque facilities | Playground
Google Review: “Very nice sandy beach in front of Rippleside Park. Lovely view.” – Jawad Arain

3. Ocean Grove Beach

Ocean Grove Beach

The next beach on our list is Ocean Grove Beach. It is located at Hodgson St., Ocean Grove, VIC 3226, Australia. This is a really attractive sandy beach that is loved by the people of Geelong. This beach is a peaceful place where a person can go to escape a hectic life. It has crystal-clear waters, soft white sand, and amazing views of the coastline. It is no wonder that Ocean Grove Beach has become one of the most popular destinations for locals as well as tourists. A person can come to this beach and lie down under the sun to soak up the sunlight and have a relaxing time.

People who love to go on adventures and sports activities can involve themselves in thrilling water activities such as jet skiing, surfing, boating, windsurfing, and parasailing here. This beach has something for everyone to enjoy. One of the key highlights of Ocean Grove Beach is its natural beauty, as it is covered by a lot of greenery, giving it a calming atmosphere. With its calm waves, it makes it a perfect place for swimming. This beach has everything that makes it a worthy place to visit. So, make sure you check out this place when you take a visit to Geelong.

Name Ocean Grove Beach
Address 55 Hodgson St, Ocean Grove VIC 3226
Directions Google Maps
Distance From Geelong 24.5 km
Nearby Attractions Ocean Grove Park | Ocean Throughway Surf Beach
Facilities Public toilets | BBQ facilities
Google Review: “Have been here so many times and I love this beach! You can do lots of stuff here such as swimming, surfing, sunbathing, having a picnic, riding a bike, etc. Good facilities as well. Big car park, toilets and sitting area 👏🏽” – E

4. Portarlington Swimming Beach

Portarlington Swimming Beach

Portarlington Swimming Beach is the perfect beach for a family vacation. This beach is located in Portarlington, VIC 3223, Australia. Its water is very calm and shallow, making it a good place to swim, and families with young children can also play in its pristine water. Those who aren’t into surfing can enjoy boating on a paddleboard. This beach is long and wide and is good for lots of beach activities like playing beach volleyball, building sandcastles, frisbee, and tug of war.

The people have made this beach very attractive by planting long cypress trees. You can even find large grassy areas, picnic spots, and barbeque areas here. It has a long pier from which a person can spot lots of fishing boats. Fishermen, snorkelers, or scuba divers can find many types of marine life, such as molluscs, barnacles, mussels, and even stingrays. Beware; if you spot a stingray, try to maintain a safe distance, as they are highly poisonous. Other than that, Portarlington Swimming Beach is safe and can be fun to visit. So, make sure you don’t forget to check out this beach as well.

Name Portarlington Swimming Beach
Address 1A Harding St, Portarlington VIC 3223, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Distance From Geelong 30.7 km
Nearby Attractions Pier Street | Portarlington Pier
Facilities Toilets | Cafe | Restaurant
Google Review: “Nice beach to go to with the family. Waves aren’t big and is suitable for kids. Plenty of parking and places to sit down and relax. Toilets are a bit far from the beach and not many spots for a BBQ. Come prepared and you’ll be fine.” – Haris J

5. Thirteenth Beach

Thirteenth Beach

Thirteenth Beach, also called “13th,” is located west of Barwon Heads, Victoria, Australia. This beach is extremely famous with both locals and tourists. The beach stretches over 4.5 kilometres. The soft sand and the pristine water make it a good place for swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, and long walks. People who are looking for something adventurous can involve themselves in surfing, as Thirteenth Beach offers some of the most amazing surfing spots in the region.

This beach is also famous for the well-known Thirteenth Beach Golf Links. Thirteenth Beach is not just a popular destination in the summer, but people also like to go there in the winter to have a nice walk, watch the birds, and spot whales as well. The beach is also home to lots of wild animals, such as kangaroos, wallabies, and a variety of bird species. For those looking to spend a relaxing time, this beach needs to be on their go-to list.

Name Thirteenth Beach
Address Barwon Heads, Victoria, 3227, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Distance From Geelong 18.6 km
Nearby Attractions Black Rocks | The Barwon Heads Golf Club
Facilities Family Friendly | Lookouts | Public Toilet | Showers
Google Review: “A beautiful stretch of beach that is great for surfing, body surfing and a shallow dip. There’s no life guards on this part of the beach (while we were there anyway)- something to keep in mind. Would definitely recommend a visit as there are lookouts all the way along the road above!” – Laura Toune

6. Moorpanyal Beach

Moorpanyal Beach

The last beach on our list is Moorpanyal Beach. This beach is located on the North Shore, VIC, Australia. The beach is popular among the locals, and it is also known as ‘North Shore Beach’. The soft golden sand on the beach is perfect for having a picnic with friends and family or taking a long walk along the coastline. A person can lay down a towel and soak up the warm sunlight. The calm and gentle waves make it a safe and enjoyable place for families with little kids, while the adventurous can get their hands on surfing and paddleboarding.

Other than relaxing and water sports, this beach offers other varieties of facilities and activities. There are barbeque and picnic areas where a person can enjoy a delicious meal with their loved ones. During the time of sunset, the beach becomes incredibly beautiful as the sight of the setting sun fills the water and sky with beautiful, different colours. This time of the day is especially popular for those who want to romanticise their time, as they can see the sunset with their partner. So, don’t forget to check out this place.

Name Moorpanyal Beach
Address North Shore VIC 3214, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Distance From Geelong 7.1 km
Nearby Attractions Moorpanyal Park Playground | Steampacket Gardens
Facilities Barbecue | Toilet
Google Review: “Nice little place to go to sit and admire the view across the bay. Or even to go for a walk. Good place to bring a dog. Beach is nearby. Public toilets available.” – Christine Brandt


Geelong is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. This city is a perfect tourist spot for people who love going to beaches. There is a wide range of beaches, from crowded beaches to deserted ones. The beaches in Geelong are not only gorgeous but also offer a large number of activities, including swimming, surfing, picnicking, and barbecuing.

So, whether you are looking to have a relaxing day under the sun or want to look for some adventure-filled beach activities, Geelong has it all. Plan your trip as soon as possible to experience the best beaches in this charming city. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Geelong has some of the most amazing beaches that offer something for everyone. They have beaches with world-class surfing and family-friendly beaches. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for relaxing beach time with your family or to be involved in water sports. Geelong beaches have got you covered.

Geelong is a coastal city located on the shores of the western tip of Corio Bay, Victoria’s surf coast.

Geelong has everything for everyone, from water parks and beaches to galleries and museums. Their cultural festival is quite famous all over Australia. A lot of people come to Geelong to seek a good life.

Geelong is a rural, residential, resort, industrial, and commercial area. It is the largest regional city in Victoria and the highest commercial centre for south-western Victoria.

In the state of Victoria, Geelong is the second-largest city, with a population of more than 250,000.

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