Best Beaches To Visit In Gold Coast 2024

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Gold Coast isn’t just an endless stretch of sand divided by some estuaries and forested headlands. One can see a whole lot of adjacent Gold Coast beaches that carry their own vibe and characteristics after prospecting them briefly. Irrespective of your likeness, you are bound to be stunned by the whole range of options that all beaches on the Gold Coast have.

From surfing, swimming, and paddleboarding to simply relaxing at the seaside, the options that all these marvellous beaches entail are endless. Ranging from the iconic Surfers Paradise Beach to the towering pine trees at Burleigh Heads Beach, families from all over Australia come to pay homage to the excellence that these beaches host.

The city of Gold Coast hosts more than a dozen beaches spread across its 35-kilometre coastline. To make it easier for you to choose which beach you need to dip your toes in, we’ve curated a list of the best beaches to visit on the Gold Coast. So don’t wait any longer and pick up your swimming costume to head over to one or multiple beaches listed below.

1. Surfers Paradise Beach

Surfers Paradise Beach

Earning Gold Coast global recognition comes Surfers Paradise Beach, which is one of the most renowned tourist hubs in the city of Gold Coast. Spread across an area of 2 kilometres (1.25 miles), each bit of its golden sand and rolling surf allows visitors to capture the most enchanting views for themselves. Make sure to hire some boards for yourself and take the surf lessons as well.

The panoramic view that one can get in here is truly amazing and can only be experienced by coming here. Making it more exciting is the relaxing atmosphere that this place has. Even after being one of the busiest beaches on the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise Beach has effectively maintained its natural beauty to date.

The picturesque conditions of this beach, residing in the heart of the Gold Coast, are worth admiring. It stretches over an area of 2 km and is safeguarded by lifeguards. The place’s areas are fully safe for swimming and surfing alike. In addition to it, you might also spot some free-to-use barbeque grills that many visitors enjoy greatly.

Name Surfers Paradise Beach
Address Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Facilities Toilets | Benches | Beach Showers
Distance From Gold Coast 4.6 Km
How To Reach By Car: It will take you around 22 mins to reach here in this case.
By Bus: Take line 777 or 705 bus that will take around 1 hour to reach your destination.
Best Months To Visit April To October
Google Review: “This is a beautiful beach along the coast of queensland. The beach is clean and always has a lot of visitors. A very good view from our rental apartment.” – Fonouvdior

2. Rainbow Bay Beach

Rainbow Bay Beach

Call it a well-known beach or just a stretch of sand, Rainbow Bay Beach is loved equally by both swimmers and surfers. Most of its visitors are families coming for swimming because of the sheltered swimming area present here, which too aligns with the shore. If you are unsure about surfing or want to learn it, take help from the experts at Coolangatta. Learn to surf and see yourself breaking those big waves across the water.

Falling before the New South Wales border, this beach is contemplated as the gateway to Fraser Island as well. Plus, once it was known as Sharks Bay, as it was situated near the north of Point Danger. For more leisure, you can take a trip to Byron Bay to witness the memorable lighthouse located at Australia’s easternmost point.

Another extraordinary thing worth admiring at this beach is the pristine, wide white sand present here. Being a beach that is patrolled year-round, this is an excellent option for those who want to spend their weekends in a relaxed manner. At times during the year, a World Surf League competition is also held here, where some of the world’s most talented surfers come across to leave their mark at the famous ‘Superbank’.

Name Rainbow Bay Beach
Address 2 Ward St, Coolangatta QLD 4225, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Facilities Toilets | Barbecues | Tables | Shade Structures | Beach Showers
Distance From Gold Coast 33.1 Km
How To Reach By Car: If you go via a car/taxi via state route 3 and M1, you will reach this beach in around 36 mins.
By Bus: If you go via NSW TrainLink(Train line 175), you will reach here in around 1 hour. If you opt for Greyhound Australia, it will take you more time to reach your destination as it will go via Hervey Bay, Townsville, Cairns.
Best Months To Visit May to October
Google Review: “Amazing views, great golden sand. The viewing area has fantastic views and there’s a way down from there to the beach” – Scott “SH” Hann

3. Currumbin Beach

Currumbin Beach

Widely recognised as “the Alley” among locals, Currumbin Beach is a one-of-a-kind beach located on the Gold Coast. It’s distinctive because of its world-class waves, which are very consistent in nature, making this beach a global phenomenon. Another reason it is a must-visit spot is its fantasy kind of entrance, which allows it to spill in and out of the Pacific Ocean. 

For those who think that they are masters of their coordination and patience with stand-up paddleboarding, this beach is a must for them. If paddleboarding isn’t your cup of tea, don’t hesitate, as this beach is patrolled by surf lifesavers all year round between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., making it easier for you to learn it. In addition to that, the calm waters around the creek make the whole scenario even more enchanting for visitors.

As safeguarded by the southerly onshore winds, one can also learn how to surf at this beach. If luck favours you, who knows? You might end up catching some great fish off the Currumbin Beach rock wall as well. For kids, catching some aeroplanes going nearby would be filled with fun as this beach is near Gold Coast Airport as well.

Name Currumbin Beach
Address Queensland, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Facilities Parklands | Tables | Beach Showers | Shade Structures
Distance From Gold Coast 19.9 Km
How To Reach By Car: Time taken via a car/taxi will be around 19 mins.
By Bus: Take the Line 700 bus that will take around 28 mins to reach this beach.
Best Months To Visit March and October
Google Review: “Breathtaking , Jaw-dropping Generous Beach View & Feels with full of spectacular surfing scenery. Love it here” – ThuyBich NGO

4. Burleigh Heads Beach

Burleigh Heads Beach

The excellent fusion of calm vibes, white sand, and rolling waves makes Burleigh Heads Beach one of the most famous beaches in Australia. This beach is one of the best options for those who want to get engaged in swimming, surfing, and bodyboarding. Its nearby landscape is full of majestic pine cone trees, earning this place the name Norfolk Island Pines.

A lot of surfing crowds come here regularly, as this is a safe place from the southerly wind or swells. Don’t believe our words; ask any locals how this place is a weekend ritual for getting involved in the sunshine. For those who’re new to surfing, head over to Michael Barry, i.e., the former world professional surfer at his Godfathers of the Ocean Surf School, to have a private session with him.

For regular beachgoers, indulging in the funky markets, beachfront dining, and stunning foreshore would definitely be the best option. Along with this, a lot of barbecues and cricket matches are also held, elevating the overall excitement.

Name Burleigh Heads
Address Queensland, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Facilities Toilets | Barbecues | Tables | Shade Structures | Playgrounds | Beach Showers
Distance From Gold Coast 11.3 Km
How To Reach By Car: This option will take around 13 mins.
By Bus: Take the Line 754 bus to reach this beach in around 37 mins.
By Tram: Take line 700 that will take around 29 mins.
Best Months To Visit April To June, August to November
Google Review: ““I live at Burleigh and it never has a bad day.. The Beach is beautiful, great surfing and always somewhere to get an awesome meal 👍🌴🌊 … ” – Leigh Munro

5. Kirra Beach

Kirra Beach

Another great beach option for everyone is Kirra Beach. Well-renowned for its crystal-clear water, this place is really a playground for water-lovers of all ages. Along with being a surf beach, it also attracts swimmers, paddleboarders, and sunbathers. By coming here, one can easily experience the glitz and glamour of the gold coast. Here, you will also find one of Australia’s most popular surfing spots, i.e., Kirra Point.

This is the very point where the superbank’s northern break occurs, and that is also one of the longest right-handed waves in the world. For those coming with family, don’t miss having lunch at the clubhouse, which is perfect for a lunch gathering. You can also show your athleticism by joining forces with some local people every Saturday at 7 a.m. to take part in the free 5-kilometre park run taking place behind this beach.

Due to its boomerang-shaped structure, many believe that it was named after a boomerang hosted by Queensland’s Aboriginal tribe. For unfavourable weather conditions, there are plenty of beachside shacks to rest in. So, take your time out and come here to see how well this beach beats your imagination.

Name Kirra Beach
Address Queensland, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Facilities Free Parking | Pool | Game room | Fishing | Children Activities | Kids' outdoor play equipment | BBQ facilities | Picnic area
Distance From Gold Coast 30.4 Km
How To Reach By Car: Availing the taxi/car options will take your 23 mins.
By Bus: Using the will cost you around 42 mins.
Best Months To Visit February
Google Review: “This is a place I want to live, south end is awesome as it’s close to everything. Highly recommend a stay or two” – Warwick Leathart

6. Coolangatta Beach

Coolangatta Beach

Located in the southernmost community of the Gold Coast, comes the Coolangatta Beach. A lot of families come here in search of relaxation and peace. It’s a north-facing, sheltered beach fused with golden-white sand and clear water. For those who are intermediaries in surfing, their waves might be a great start to begin with.

If you come here in the months of May to October, you might spot some of the whales at the shore and migratory humpback whales at the Tweed Heads. Making it more enriched comes the relaxed vibe that this place hosts. You can comfortably spend the whole of your day watching the marvellous waves.

For those coming here for more than a day, various accommodation options are there to choose from. Making everything more interesting comes the number of cafes, clubs, and restaurants that are well renowned for their great staff and food. Make sure to come here with your elders to take them on a trip down their memory lane.

Name Coolangatta Beach
Address Queensland, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Facilities Heated Pool, Change/Powder Rooms, Sauna, Tennis Courts, Spa, Exercise Room, Bbq Area
Distance From Gold Coast 31.5 Km
How To Reach By Car: Begin by taking the Campbell St. road and Allawah St. to Ashmore Rd./State Route 24. Then you can take State Route 3 and M1, which will meet at Coolangatta Rd. in Bilinga. Now choose Musgrave St. to Marine Parade, which will help you reach Coolangatta Beach.
By Bus: Take the 171 bus line to reach this beach from Gold Coast.
Best Months To Visit January To March, October to December
Google Review: “A beautiful visit, like many other beaches on the Gold Coast. A good group of active lifeguards and lots of families and surfers about. The beach also has rinsing stations close to the road, for easy sand removal!” – Em

7. Kurrawa Beach

Kurrawa Beach

Another great option for all surfing enthusiasts and locals is Kurrawa Beach, which is well-perceived for its clear, warm water, fantastic breaks, and golden sands. Most of the locals love this place for its surfing and fishing activities. It will be quite easy for every visitor coming here to take up some space at this beach to get soaked up in the sun.

You can always go cycling or rollerblading along the Kurrawa Beach boardwalk to enjoy and take in some of the most stunning views ever. Due to the continuous efforts of all the Australian lifeguards who are well-trained, this beach is considered to be one of the safest ones in Australia. It has also made this place one of the most well-developed ones.

Having more than four patrolled lifeguard towers adds to its overall security factor. Plus, this beach runs for about 1.5 km and has a number of picnic areas, barbecues, and popular playgrounds as well. As it’s Australia’s most heavily developed and utilised beaches, the number of facilities, accommodations, and attractions this place has is truly mesmerising.

Name Kurrawa Beach
Address Queensland, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Facilities Toilets | Barbecues | Tables | Shade Structures | Playgrounds | Beach Showers
Distance From Gold Coast 6.9 Km
How To Reach By Car: Use a car of your own or rent a taxi that will take around 24 mins to reach here.
By Bus: It’ll take around 45 mins to reach here.
Best Months To Visit December to February
Google Review: “Kurrawa Beach in Broadbeach may not be the safest place for a swim but it’s my happy place in this world. 💙 Beautiful sunsets, seagulls everywhere, nice reflections on the wet sands, wild waves… I love this place. …” – Suelen Cella

8. Greenmount Beach

Greenmount Beach

Get ready to get refreshed by the astonishing nature and landscape-rich ecosystem that Greenmount Beach entails. This beach is well protected from the shoreline waves that merge directly into the sea, making it an excellent option for kids who might not be that used to reckless waves coming here.

This beach is an idyllic spot for swimming, so come prepared with your swimming suits. As it’s shielded by a rocky headland, it becomes even better for swimming. To make everything more interesting, you can also stroll across the oceanfront path that is built around this beach. There’s only one single patrolled lifeguard tower present here, working every day round the year.

This beach is also a valuable part of the World Surfing Reserve, making it a chosen location for surfers to come and enjoy. This beach is a bit slower-paced, featuring the renowned southern point break that is good for beginner to intermediate borders. Still, it’s advised to assess the weather conditions here before paddling out.

Name Greenmount Beach
Address Queensland, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Facilities Toilets | Barbecues | Tables | Shade Structures | Beach Showers
Distance From Gold Coast 32.8 Km
How To Reach By Car: This option will take you around 25 mins to reach here.
By Bus: Avail the bus option that will help you reach here in 47 mins at max.
Best Months To Visit Late November to Late March
Google Review: “Great place for a swim. Near Coolangatta and the NSW border. Also close enough to walk to Rainbow Beach as well.” – Bernadette Edwards

9. Tugun Beach

Tugun Beach

Despite being not so well-known among the top beaches in Australia, Tugun Beach deserves a space in the list of the best ones that a local as well as a tourist needs to visit at least once. This southern Gold Coast suburb is so relaxing that many people refer to it as the place of “breaking waves.”.

Also referred to as a “drawcard” for residents and surfers, this beach is an excellent option to stay away from the crowded beaches to the south and north. One can easily try out swimming at this place, as it’s safeguarded by one patrolled lifeguard tower that gets patrolled by lifeguards on a daily basis.

This beach is also a part of the World Surfing Reserve, and its favourable wind conditions are really great for surfing. Some might also refer to this beach as a flat rock beach, as it extends its rocky outcrop to a vast area of land. Unlike most of the famous beaches, this one is a dog-friendly one, so you are allowed to take your dog with you on a walk here.

Name Tugun Beach
Address Queensland, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Facilities Toilets | Tables | Beach Showers | Shade Structures
Distance From Gold Coast 21.3 Km
How To Reach By Car: It’ll be a journey of around 20 mins at max.
By Bus: Take the line 700 bus that will take around 33 mins to reach this beach from Gold Coast.
Best Months To Visit December to February
Google Review: “Great beach with good facilities. A good surf life saving club, amenities and shops close by. Parking easy.” – Graeme Barker

Concluding thoughts

Take your time to schedule your trip to the best beaches to visit on the Gold Coast and get soaked up in the sun. It won’t be just about strolling across the beach’s shorelines, as you’ll be given an excellent opportunity to learn various sporting activities such as surfing and paddleboarding as well. Make sure to get to know what all these astonishing beaches have to offer to make some life-time memories for yourself.

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