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Write For Us

Get empowered with the Streets of Australia, as we’re seeking out some creative content heads that have a natural flair for writing content that is engaging as well as informative in nature. Share your valuable ideas on some chosen topics, and let the world know your writing capabilities and what you’ve really got as a guest writer.

From trekking adventures to culinary delights, travel tips, beach paradises, and entertainment hotspots, the niches we cover are really wide. In addition to that, we also offer a great opportunity to all business owners to amplify their business presence by connecting with us for a small fee. 

Get featured with us and reach a new milestone in your writing journey by connecting with us today!

Benefits of sharing your post with us

Being a writer, you must not have enough reach, but that’s not the case with us, as we have a diverse range of audiences. This will offer you so many benefits worth taking advantage of.

  • We have a very wide audience connected with us that will allow you to grow your brand identity as a website or writer.
  • You will get a byline with each of your written posts that get uploaded on our website, earning you a potential subscriber.
  • We’ll possibly share your content on our social media platforms as well.

Niches we cover at Streets of Australia

The range of audience we have is quite vast, as it consists of generic people as well as those specialised in a certain domain. From business owners to students, we have them all covered here. This is the prime reason why we’ve targeted a whole lot of niches on our website. Take a brief look at all the categories you can use to write for us.

  • Business
  • Home and family
  • Lifestyle
  • Things to do
  • Food & Drink
  • Entertainment
  • Food & Drink
  • Health

Besides these niches, if you have some other post ideas that you deem would be a great addition to our website, we would love to hear more about them.

Guidelines to follow while writing for us

Content that is accurate, well-written, and offers valuable insights is what we are looking for. Plus, as already said, our blogs are regularly read by thousands of readers, so following certain parameters and rules becomes a necessity for us. To make sure your pieces of content comply with all of our guidelines, have a look at the following points:

1. Article length

It needs to be at least 1500 words in length. That doesn’t mean that those carrying anything more than this range won’t be accepted. We are always welcoming submissions with more than 1500 words in them, and that too is of high quality.

2. Images used

You must be the owner of all of the images and graphics used in your content, or they must be free from any licence or royalty. Plus, they must be relevant to your chosen topic. Wherever applicable, certain infographics can be used as well.

3. Content originality

All of your content must be of high quality, be first-hand, and be free from any plagiarism. Also, make sure that it has a formal and friendly tone, making it easily consumable by the readers.

4. Format

Follow a very systematic approach while crafting your copies of content. Make sure that all the headings bear a proper hierarchy with a proper heading as well. At last, ensure that it is sent in a Word Doc, Docx, or Google Doc format so that any changes can be made to it with ease. 

Checking your content thoroughly using a tool like Hemingway Editor or Grammarly is also required, as doing so will refine the content even more for all the readers.

5. Content we don’t accept at all

Having goodwill in the online domain, there are certain niches that we don’t accept at all as they go against certain online rules and regulations. Following is a list of them:

  • Adult content
  • Gambling events
  • Press releases
  • Promotional content
  • Property-related listings
  • Job Postings

Send Us Your Content now!

Once prepared, send us your content to be published at streetoffaustralia@gmail.com. Usually, it takes anywhere between 5 and 10 days for us to respond to your requests. If you don’t hear from us even after 15 business days, that means there’s some problem with your request or it has been rejected due to some reasons.

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